Result Reporting

Bluewater Diagnostic Laboratory’s staff understands that the success of your practice and the effectiveness of patient care often hinges on getting reliable information quickly. Our fast turn-around-time makes it simple and timely for you.

Our laboratory report presents your patient’s results in a clear and concise format, showcasing all the clinically relevant information you need to make informed treatment decisions in your patient’s best interest.


  • Real-time, web-based platform allows reports to be accessed any time, from anywhere
  • Reports contain:
    • Summary of key information
    • Tabular and trending data
    • Graphical trending data
  • Patient dashboards have graphical trending data for all results on one convenient chart allowing you to quickly determine the patient’s risk factors and compliance with their treatment plan
  • Direct interfaces with most EMR systems
  • Easy print-to-PDF feature allows non-interfaced clients to streamline the process for uploading results into the patient’s chart